Winners of the Queensland Country Music Awards 2010 Group of the Year,
and featuring a line up that begs to be seen, The Smokin’ Crawdad’s have
come of age!
This is a stellar group of musicians, all of whom have paid their dues, and
then some over the past decade (or two) and are now doing what they do best
– playing music “Crawdads style”....
The depth of talent and experience is on show at each and every Crawdad’s
performance, with an amazing collection of songs, and a style that is fast
becoming recognized as their own.

Leaving nothing to chance, the Crawdads will cover everything from
Rock’n Roll through to Memphis Swamp Blues
– and do it all with impeccable style....

What are you waiting for??

Isn’t it time you caught a Crawdads gig??



2017 The Smokin' Crawdads